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What We Look For

Endeavour recruits volunteers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We value diversity in our members, advisors and volunteers as well as in our clients and projects.
The key attributes that we look for in volunteers are:
  • Teamwork and Communications Skills: Our team-based culture means you’ll be working with others who may think and work differently from you. You need strong teamwork and communications skills in order to leverage the diverse perspectives and strengths of your team members to develop and deliver innovative and practical solutions for your client.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Our clients look to consultants with strong analytical skills who can frame complex problems and create simplified solutions that they can implement.
  • Passion and Commitment: Our volunteers are driven by their enthusiasm and dedication to help non-profit organizations achieve better results for the communities they serve.
  • Leadership: You don’t need to have experience leading a team to be a part of Endeavour, but we need individuals who take initiative to make things happen. Our volunteers are leaders in effecting positive change.