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Endeavour volunteers are passionate about making an impact in the community. Learn about the different opportunities on our consulting team, executive team, committees, and board of directors below.
Consulting Team

Our consulting teams are made up of the following roles:

Engagement Manager

The Engagement Manager plays a pivotal role in the overall success of the consulting engagement. Responsibilities include:

  1. Project Leadership & Management
  2. Client Leadership & Relations
  3. Advisor Relations
  4. Associate Development
  5. Knowledge Sharing & Management

Senior Consultant / Consultant

The Senior Consultant / Consultant participates in all aspects of the consulting engagement, from problem solving to delivering client recommendations. The Senior Consultant role is reserved for past Endeavour consultants who have demonstrated strong performance and leadership potential.

Project Advisor

The Project Advisor provides guidance and mentorship to consulting teams throughout the engagement by participating in orientation and review sessions, providing feedback on project deliverables ranging from the statement of work to final client deliverables, and giving general guidance on resources and client management. Learn more about the experts on Endeavour’s Advisory Committee here.

Executive Team

Endeavour is led by a team of volunteers with expertise and experiences in the non-profit, corporate and government sectors. Members of Endeavour’s Executive work with a diverse team of experienced leaders who are passionate and committed to making an impact in our communities.

Our Senior Leadership Team works closely with executives and the Board of Directors in the strategy and operations of five divisions:

  • President’s Office: Responsible for overall leadership and strategic directions, evaluation and finance
  • Consulting Division: Responsible for client selection and relations, and project management
  • Talent Division: Responsible for the development and execution of talent acquisition, development and retention strategies
  • Marketing and Communications Division: Responsible for marketing, communications, development and partnerships
  • IT and Information Management Division: Responsible for IT and information management

Endeavour’s executive team is supported by a number of dedicated and passionate volunteers that include:

  • Client Selection Committee
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Committee
  • Project Management Team
  • Marketing and Communications Team
  • Evaluation Team
  • IT Team
Board of Directors

Endeavour is governed by a board with a wealth of knowledge and experience in non-profit, consulting, industry, government, and academia.