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At Endeavour, we look for talented and diverse professionals who are passionate about helping non-profits improve their capacity and increase their impact in our communities. Along the way, volunteers develop new skills and knowledge, make new connections and friends, and grow professionally and personally.

Training and Support

As a consulting volunteer, you will receive training and support throughout your engagement,

  • Orientation and training sessions on Endeavour’s consulting process and tools, non-
    profit sector, and consulting methodologies
  • Review sessions to learn, collaborate, and share best practices with other project teams,
    Endeavour executives, and project advisors
  • Access to Endeavour’s Online Knowledge Centre featuring past consulting work and
    presentations, training materials, consulting tools and templates, and other resources
  • Project advisor and subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in
    consulting, strategy and the non-profit sector
  • Opportunities to meet with Endeavour’s executive team for ongoing guidance