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Our Programs

Endeavour offers pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs that contribute to employee engagement, team building, professional and leadership development, and corporate social responsibility goals.

Endeavour has partnered with corporations on pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs ranging from one-day events to six-month engagements. We offer turnkey and customized pro bono and skills-based volunteering solutions that suit the specific goals and resources of our partners. Learn more below.

Turnkey Solutions Advisory Services
Turnkey Solutions
Endeavour’s turnkey solutions include theSix-Month Engagement, Scope-A-Thon, and Done-in-a-Day.

Six-Month Engagement Program

The six-month engagement program is typically focused on strategic planning, marketing strategies or earned income projects. Endeavour supports our partners with volunteer and non-profit outreach; matching, orientation and training; project scoping; project management; and evaluation. Throughout the engagement, volunteer teams are supported by Endeavour advisors, executives and our resources.

“Participation in [employee volunteer] programs, like the Endeavour initiative, boosts morale and engagement by creating opportunities for employees to deploy their skills to purpose-driven work beyond their day-to-day roles. It also provides a platform to further develop leadership, mentoring, communication and problem-solving skills that are crucial to the business environment.”
– Greer Hozack, Executive Director, HR and Communications, AstraZeneca Canada

Learn more about the program and the impact: Business Case for Pro Bono and Skills-Based Volunteerism in Canada

Contact Fund Development to learn more about our Six-Month Engagement Program.



The Scope-A-Thon is a one-day workshop that engages employee volunteers and charitable partners in effective pro bono consulting. During the workshop, small teams of volunteers and non-profit partners learn about pro bono, including pro bono readiness, common pitfalls, best practices, how to develop an effective problem statement and project scope, and available pro bono resources. With guidance from Endeavour, the teams develop a scope of work for a pro bono project that the non-profit can take to a pro bono provider.

“Endeavour’s Scope-A-Thon was my first introduction to skills-based volunteering and immediately convinced me that this is the type of meaningful volunteer opportunity I have been seeking for some time now… And now, after this event, there are 50 other individuals like me more interested and better equipped to seek out and succeed at pro bono engagements.”
– Stephanie Lawrance, Senior Consultant, Advisory & Audit Practice, KPMG Canada

Learn more about the program and the impact:

Contact Fund Development to learn more about the Scope-A-Thon.



The Done-in-a-Day program brings together small teams of volunteers to use their expertise and skills to help a non-profit address an organizational challenge through a bite-sized project in one day. Endeavour supports non-profits in defining the scope of the problem and provides guidance to volunteer teams.

“Two thoughts drove the vision for the ‘done-in-a-day’ consultation; one that we should increase usage of our facility by other members of the community and two, that rental income from corporate or non-community usage would offset our operating cost and add money back into our service provision. The strategies developed during the ‘done-in-a-day’ have certainly focused our efforts and started us on the road to creating expanded opportunities in both areas. To date we have increased our rental revenue by 250% and the usage of our facility by non-traditional users (renters) by over 700hrs.”
– Ian Edward, Executive Director, Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs

Learn more about the program and the impact: Endeavour and Capital One Done-in-a-Day Pro Bono Pilot

Contact Fund Development to learn more about our Done-in-a-Day program.



Advisory Services

With over ten years of experience in designing and delivering pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs, Endeavour offers customized program design, program implementation and capacity building to organizations that are looking to develop and run their own pro bono or skills-based volunteering program.

Contact Fund Development to learn more about our Advisory Services.

See the impact made through Endeavour’s collaborations with our partners. 

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