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Our Work

The Business Case for Pro Bono and Skills-Based Volunteering in Canada

This report outlines AstraZeneca’s business case for pro bono and skills-based volunteering, the integration and launch of the skills-based volunteer project at AstraZeneca, the impact of the project on key stakeholders, as well as success factors and advice for other companies looking to launch an employer-supported pro bono or skills-based volunteer program. Read more.

Endeavour and Capital One Host 2nd Scope-A-Thon

On April 22, 2015, Endeavour hosted a Scope-A-Thon session, sponsored by Capital One Canada! A Scope-A-Thon is an Endeavour program that helps non-profits focus on pro bono readiness. Read more.

Endeavour and Capital One Host Scope-A-Thon

The Scope-A-Thon, a one-day pro bono program developed by Endeavour, was hosted in partnership with Capital One Canada at Capital One Canada headquarters in Toronto during 2014 Pro Bono Week and Capital One’s ‘One Week’. Read more.

Endeavour and Capital One Done-in-a-Day Pro Bono Pilot

During 2013 Pro Bono Week and Capital One’s One Week, Endeavour and Capital One Canada partnered to pilot the Done-in-a-Day Pro Bono model in Canada. The Done-in-a-Day model brings together a team volunteers who use their expertise and skills to help a non-profit address an organizational challenge through a bite-sized project in one day. Read more.

Why business and community leaders need to get ready for pro bono: Insights from Endeavour’s Scope-A-Thon

For years, businesses have been sending teams of highly skilled employees to paint walls, plant trees and serve meals as a way of giving back to the community. But a new generation of employees are changing the way companies do business with the community through pro bono – the donation of professional skills. Read more.