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Pro bono and skills-based volunteering make good business sense

Pro bono – “for the public good” – is the donation of professional skills to non-profit organizations to further their missions. It is increasingly a core part of the ethic of business professionals who believe that high-quality professional services are too important to be available only to those who can afford it.
Source: Taproot Foundation

Endeavour’s corporate pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs have been proven to contribute to employee engagement and professional development.

Survey results indicate the following program benefits for employee volunteers:

  • Increased pride in ability to help others
  • Increased pride in their employer
  • Feelings of having contributed to team-building amongst colleagues
  • Improved skills and knowledge relevant to career
  • Increased likelihood of seeking volunteer opportunities that use professional skills
  • Better preparedness for providing pro bono consulting
  • Increased knowledge of the non-profit sector


Research shows that skills-based volunteering and pro bono service enhance team building, professional and leadership development, and brand value. 

Source: Billion + Change


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