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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Endeavour’s consulting service, your organization must meet the following requirements. Meeting eligibility does not equate to selection for a consulting project.

Your organization:

  1. Is an incorporated non-profit organization or registered as a charity in Canada.
  2. Is focused on solving a social problem.
  3. While may be local, regional, provincial, national, or international, must operate locally within Canada. Applications from international development organizations that operate and work with stakeholders in Canada (e.g. program or service users) will be considered. Given that our Endeavour volunteers are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), preference may be given to organizations located in the same region.
  4. Must not currently be undergoing a leadership transition or a strategic planning exercise that may impact the success of the engagement or the validity of the recommendations provided by the Endeavour consulting team.
  5. Should note our project scope exclusions – these items must be excluded from your application scope: fundraising strategies; compensation strategies; board governance strategies; implementation of the recommendations from the engagement; grant proposal writing; active fundraising activities (e.g. charity events, donor outreach etc.), and legal or operational support required in setting up a non-profit organization.
  6. Should propose a project that is feasible to complete within six months. While there is an opportunity to engage Endeavour again in the future, we generally advise clients to re-apply after recommendations from the current engagement have been implemented.
  7. Must provide two key contacts at the executive and board levels who will act as project sponsors for the duration of the engagement. Both contact persons must be accessible on a regular basis, and be able to meet with the consulting team as necessary.
  8. Must demonstrate organizational readiness and commitment through having a Board of Directors, and staff or volunteers with the capacity to implement the recommendations delivered by the consulting engagement. Furthermore, the organization must have at least one operational, non-board team member, who is not the executive sponsor/leader.

If you have questions about your organization’s eligibility, please contact our Director of Client Relations at


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