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Microblog, Part 6 of 6: “An opportunity to re-invent ourselves.” June 8th, 2014

Written and compiled by Banu Raghuraman

Thoughts from Ikuma from Service Grant Japan concludes our microblog series of thoughts from Global Pro Bono Summit 2014. To view our last post on this topic, click here.

1. What impact will the 2014 Global Pro Bono Summit have on pro bono in Japan?

The Summit resulted in a plan to host an event called “Asia Pro Bono Rally” in Tokyo, timed just after the 2014’s Pro Bono Week. We are expecting 20 to 25 people from various Asian countries to gather in Tokyo and spend a few intense days in interaction. This will garner more attention towards this cause from the local and international organizations and corporations.

The rally also presents us with an opportunity to re-invent ourselves. We have started to renew our branding, to welcome everyone with a refreshing face, just in time for the event.

We hope you have enjoyed the microblogging series and the thoughts shared by the attendees of the 2014 Global Pro Bono Summit. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

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