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Microblog, Part 5 of 6: “Many corporations that are interested to get into pro bono sector will be exposed to global cases.” June 2nd, 2014

Written and compiled by Banu Raghuraman

We are featuring some thoughts from Jieun Choi from SESNet, South Korea. Click here to see what the previous attendee said.

1. What impact will the 2014 Global Pro Bono Summit have on pro bono in South Korea?

Many of the different Pro Bono models shared at the Summit can and will be tried in South Korea. Even though we have a diverse set of Pro Bono models such as Pro Bono Hub school mentoring project, there are still many more we would like to try. At the same time, many corporations that are interested in getting into the pro bono sector will be exposed to global cases presented at the summit.

2. How have you changed personally after this Summit?

It was great sharing some of the challenges I went through and knowing that others also go through the same. Seeing what the global fellows were doing and seeing their passion, I felt very inspired.

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