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Volunteer Impact

As an Endeavour volunteer, you will work with leaders on strategic issues to improve the capacity and impact of the non-profit organization. You contribute to real, tangible social change in your community.


“Endeavour has grown from an idea into an action. …We do a great service to nonprofits that can’t afford professional consulting, helping them get to the next level, and we offer a great way for younger people to engage in the nonprofit sector. I’ve been proud to be part of Endeavour’s first few years – and I look forward to its continued growth.”
– Alex Gill, Endeavour Board Member and Principal, Mendicant Group

“I really enjoyed my volunteer experience with Endeavour… I continue to stay in touch with many of the people I met during my consulting engagement… As a newbie in Canada (only one year at that time), I knew I needed to build my credibility in the consulting/project management field… At the conclusion of my Endeavour consulting engagement I got a position with the Ontario Government as a business improvement consultant and you can be sure the Endeavour experience contributed to this career milestone.”
– Lucie Drabinova, Business Improvement Consultant, Ontario Government

“Volunteering with Endeavour is a great way to give back to the community, while strengthening and developing new skills, meeting new people, and learning about innovative and interesting initiatives aimed to help those who need it the most. I cannot recommend Endeavour enough to friends and colleagues.”
– Hima Batavia, Consultant Research Officer, McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health

“The opportunity to work within such an interdisciplinary team with diverse expertise can be a breath of fresh air from your day job, and a great introduction to the non-profit landscape and world of consulting.”
– Tanya Rumble, 2010 DiverseCity Fellow

“Volunteering with Endeavour, I learned how to manage both consulting projects and relations with competing stakeholders, but I also learned how much I enjoy solving organizational problems. While originally trained as an engineer, this spurred me on to pursue management consulting professionally, and the insights and experiences I gained through my projects with Endeavour helped me land a position as an associate with the Boston Consulting Group.”
– David Schacter, Associate, BCG

“Leading a project as an Engagement Manager was a great opportunity. Having a talented team, helpful advisors, and a cooperative and motivated client made it a very fulfilling experience. Endeavour’s support and their professional, well-structured approach was key to the success of our project.”
– Michael Lewin, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

“Endeavour provides a rare and much needed avenue to not only learn, but have tangible impact using the skills I have garnered as a young professional in the last few years. Our team, composed of experts in everything from finance, management consulting to stem cell research, created the solution collaboratively and through regular engagement with the client. It was an immensely rewarding experience because we saw how it helped our client get to where they aspired to be.”
– Raad Seraj, Senior Research Analyst, Water Technology Acceleration Project


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