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We’re proud of our clients’ successes. Read about how Endeavour helped them achieve their goals.

Strategic Planning


Marketing Effectiveness

Operational Efficiency

Organizational Effectiveness


Respondents to Endeavour’s client survey reported that:
  • 100% would recommend Endeavour to another non-profit organization
  • 95% are very satisfied or satisfied with our work
  • 89% agree that our project recommendations met or exceeded their expectations


“We engaged Endeavour because we needed answers before we decided to pursue our idea of establishing a sustainable funding initiative, but did not have the funding for a feasibility study.”
– Heather Ferguson, CFRE, ABC, Former President, 2004 to 2010, The Hearing Foundation of Canada

“Endeavour developed a pathway for a future state and we are now pursuing this.”
– Epilepsy Ontario


Read more of what our non-profit clients have to say about working with Endeavour.

Client Testimonials


See what Endeavour volunteers have to say about working with our clients.

“Our project team provided financial assessment, HR management strategies, and actionable implementation plans to the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CSSD). Our contributions to the CCSD will ensure that this charity can achieve sustainable growth with the appropriate financial and HR disciplines to celebrate the Deaf culture for years to come.”
– Herman Ng, Engagement Manager

“In volunteering with Endeavour, I was able to hone my skills in being able to identify obstacles that were preventing our client from achieving its organizational goals, and work with our client and my fellow consultants to do comprehensive research and analysis to provide solutions, tools and strategic advice. [Our team] felt proud of the work we did and believe it will make a difference in positively impacting the non-profit we worked with, and in turn, the community they serve.”
– Suzanne Paes, Engagement Manager

“Our team, composed of experts in everything from finance and management consulting to stem cell research, created the solution collaboratively and through regular engagement with the client. It was an immensely rewarding experience because we saw how it helped our client get to where they aspired to be.”
– Raad Seraj, Consultant

“I love helping organizations to achieve their goals, and making a positive impact on the community. Endeavour provides a fun and stimulating environment in which to do both.”
– David Schacter, Senior Consultant


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