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Group Therapy, Group Training, Group Facilitation (CGPA)

Charting a New Course for an Association that Trains the Professionals who Help People Make Positive Changes in their Lives

People suffering with depression, panic disorder, social anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse. Others experiencing anger, shyness, loss, loneliness, low self-esteem. Group therapy provides a support network and a sounding board for these individuals, helping them make positive changes in their lives.

Most are likely unaware of the important role that Group Therapy, Group Training, Group Facilitation (CGPA), a national association of group psychotherapists, serves in their wellbeing.

CGPA provides education and training for the professionals who deliver group psychotherapy. The scope and quality of these services impacts the mental and emotional health of thousands of Canadians across the country.

But a number of worrisome trends were beginning to impact CGPA and its work.

The Challenge

This professional association recently celebrated its 31st anniversary. Much had changed over the decades and the organization was struggling with lack of clarity around its vision and mission, declining membership and revenue and difficulties retaining volunteers.

Time to chart a new course for the future. CGPA contracted with Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-profits to develop a strategic plan that would do this.

“The Endeavour consultation process offered us a very valuable opportunity to reflect, gather relevant information and advice and plan for the future.”

Our Approach

Consulting with CGPA management at the start of the consulting engagement, the Endeavour team identified key areas in which to focus efforts. These included renewing the vision and mission and devising a new implementation strategy for recruiting and retaining members and volunteers. Starting with information gathering, Endeavour conducted internal and external environmental scans including surveys of both CGPA members and non-members. This research yielded telling insights regarding the association’s strengths and opportunities.

Next, Endeavour synthesized findings and developed preliminary recommendations. These included defining key elements to clarify CGPA’s vision, mission and goals. The Endeavour team then worked with CGPA management to finalize these elements and to confirm and prioritize recommendations.

Finally, the team identified and evaluated several strategic options based on their value to members and the level of investment required. Endeavour subsequently devised a strategic framework with a detailed implementation plan and financial projections.

“The consultation process was highly collaborative and constructive, enabling us to access the varied and valuable knowledge and experience of our excellent consulting team.”

The Outcome

This framework is intended to help the association grow by streamlining operations and adding value for CGPA’s members through education, networking and advocacy. Endeavour recommended a three-phase implementation approach to facilitate affordable, manageable change and support success.

The first phase focused on building CGPA’s membership base over an 18-month period, integrating
strategies related to recruitment, mentorship, association management and tools and resources. Phase 2 aimed at enhancing value over the longer term through a national training program, quality standards, partnerships and a new membership category. And phase 3 addressed advocacy, therapy expansion and hospital affiliations. Endeavour even provided a guide to kickstart implementation.

CGPA is now in the process of transformative change. The association is confident these enhancements will strengthen the quality and appeal of its education and training programs.

For Canadians struggling with emotional and mental health issues, CGPA’s renewal means they will have more access to top quality group therapy – a powerful vehicle for their own positive change and growth.

“We are gradually implementing all of Endeavour’s recommendations. The support and guidance of our Endeavour team also resulted in a reinvigoration of our volunteers and our energy and optimism as a not-for-profit association – successful transformation is underway!”

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