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Microblog, Part 2 of 6: “We’re thrilled to be a part of the global pro bono movement.” May 15th, 2014

Written and compiled by Banu Raghuraman

Continuing from Part 1, we present thoughts from our second attendee.

Geoff Ripat represented Spark, Canada at the Summit.

1. What impact will the 2014 Global Pro Bono Summit have on pro bono in Canada?

The Summit was a great source of connections, energy and ideas and we’re excited to put all of that to use to help us continue to improve our pro bono work in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We were inspired by the various models we saw, from design marathons to done-in-a-day events, from team matches to one-on-one matching, and from non-profit led matching services to partnerships with corporations looking to do pro bono work in their communities.

The connections we made at the Summit will help make our own work smoother and more effective as we learn from each other, while modelling and sharing our own unique take on pro bono work. It was great to meet Andrea from Endeavour at the Summit – even though we’re both doing pro bono intermediary work in Canada, our country is huge. We are more than 2000 km away from each other so the chances of meeting in person are slim. We are looking forward to working with Endeavour to build the pro bono movement here in Canada.

2. How have you changed personally after this Summit?

We are reinvigorated in our own local efforts, and feel strengthened by the support, encouragement and wisdom of the Global Pro Bono Community. Our experience at the Summit has given extra meaning to the phrase “think globally, act locally”, and we are thrilled to be a part of the global pro bono movement.

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