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Celebrating Endeavour’s 15-year anniversary with Uyen Maria Dang May 31st, 2022

This year Endeavour celebrates its 15-year anniversary as a Canadian Non-profit. To showcase the impact that Endeavour has had over the years, we’re asking some of our volunteers, clients and champions to share their experiences at Endeavour. Since Endeavour is a volunteer-led organization looking to create social change by supporting other non-profits, who better to reflect on Endeavour’s impact than individuals who have witnessed and been involved with Endeavour’s mission first-hand.

 Launching this series is long-time Endeavour volunteer, Uyen Maria Dang. Uyen is currently participating in Endeavour’s 30th round of consulting as an Engagement Manager on the team serving the York Region Food Network. Prior to this, Uyen has worked on Endeavour consulting projects for the Network for Advancement of Black Communities (NABC), Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) of Simcoe/Muskoka, and Action CIND. Keep reading for Uyen’s perspective on Endeavour’s overall impact.


1. What did you learn about yourself by being an Endeavour volunteer? 

Prior to joining Endeavour in 2019, I had taken a hiatus from volunteer work. I felt there was something missing. When I volunteered again with Endeavour, I discovered that what I was missing was contributing meaningfully to my community. It has brought great fulfillment to be able to know I am supporting non-profits and by extension, supporting the people they impact everyday. 

 2. How did your Endeavour volunteer experience change or influence the trajectory of your professional career? 

 I had some previous consulting experience prior to my volunteer role with Endeavour. After my Endeavour experience, I knew I wanted my next role to be in an actual consulting firm. I am happy to say that as of March 2022, I joined a Marketing and Brand Consulting firm in New York City as their Senior Insights Associate. I would definitely attribute this achievement to the exposure I had to consulting while I volunteered with Endeavour, and to how much I enjoyed the process.

3. In your own words, what makes Endeavour’s mission and vision special? What good has it contributed?

 Endeavour’s mission and vision is special because of their approach to building multidisciplinary teams. By gathering skilled professionals from non-consulting backgrounds that are relevant to their client’s industry or problem, consulting teams are able to provide a unique perspective and realistic lens to helping them solve challenges. In my experience, this translated to strong teams that were able to deliver well thought out and feasible solutions.

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