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Volunteering Benefits Everyone April 11th, 2019

This National Volunteer Week, April 7 – 13, 2019, we celebrate Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers under the theme: “The Volunteer Factor – Lifting Communities.”

Volunteering offers a unique opportunity to contribute in ways that benefits everyone involved. My first experience volunteering was at the age of seven through a youth leadership development program run by the church I attended. I went from house to house with a team of kids and raked fallen leaves from lawns in the neighbourhood. It was fun because back then, raking leaves was a good time for me, plus I earned a badge in the process. I never considered the impact on the neighbours who escaped the chore of raking. It was just what we did on a few Sunday afternoons in the fall. As I got older in the program, activities progressed to more involved activities such as visiting retirement homes. For me the pleasure of doing something for others out weighed the impact our visits had on the seniors. These experiences were my first connection with the Volunteer Factor.

In 1999 this kind of altruism was mandated for high-school students by the Ontario Government. For some students it is a scramble to fulfill those forty community hours before graduation. While other complete and exceed the requirements well before the deadline. I hope these students find value in serving our communities and choose to continue volunteering after graduation as I did.

At Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits where I now volunteer on the marketing team, we rely on volunteers one-hundred percent. Through the dedication of talented and diverse professionals, Endeavour has delivered pro bono management consulting to over 118 non-profit clients.

Charities and non-profits like Endeavour, could not provide the level of service communities need without committed individuals who give their time and share their gifts. During National Volunteer Week, we celebrate all volunteers who contribute to the Volunteer Factor. Thank you for lifting our communities and impacting the lives of Canadians.

Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits is a Canadian charity that provides management consulting to improve organizational capacity and community impact for non-profits. Endeavour recruits, trains and matches teams of skilled volunteers with non-profit organizations in need of pro bono consulting. The focus is on serving non-profit organizations unable to afford professional consulting.

Since 2007, Endeavour has engaged more than a thousand talented volunteers to provide consulting to non-profits clients from a variety of sectors and services including the arts, children and family services, disabilities, education, environment, healthcare, immigrant services, rural development, skills training, poverty relief, and youth development.

Visit to learn how you can contribute to real, tangible social change as an Endeavour volunteer.

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