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Want to make a difference in your career? Consider applying for this opportunity!

Vice-President, Volunteer Experience


Endeavour is looking for a volunteer to lead the Volunteer Experience Division as a Vice-President, Volunteer Experience. In this role, you will drive the learning and networking experience for volunteer consultants.


The Vice-President, Volunteer Experience will be responsible for enhancing the volunteer experience through overseeing the team responsible for training and learning opportunities. The training and learning events are held periodically through each of the 2 annual consulting cycles (spring-summer and fall-winter), either on weekends or evenings. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide ongoing strategic direction for learning and development opportunities
  • Liaise regularly with the Executive team to identify, discuss and implement opportunities for volunteer experience improvement 
  • Leverage knowledge and relationships to identify and support innovative partnerships, programs and/or initiatives to strengthen volunteer experience



  • Long-term commitment to Endeavour Consulting for Non-Profits (preferably at least 2 years)
  • Exceptional leadership competencies with strong interpersonal skills and pro-active skills in team building and decision making in a virtual environment.
  • Strong motivation and initiative to take the lead in carrying out responsibilities, and identifying and implementing new initiatives to enhance Volunteer Experience Division
  • Ability to manage and promptly respond to daily email communications
  • Great organizational and time management skills
  • Familiarity with consulting methodology and resources


  • Current/former volunteer preferred
  • Curriculum development and training delivery experience


  • Strengthen your leadership, management and communication skills 
  • Work with and learn from a diverse network of talented volunteers  
  • Contribute to and share in the successes of a growing non-profit 
  • Meet and network with volunteers, clients, experts and community leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries 
  • Gain insight into consulting and the non-profit and social sectors


Documents Required:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

Subject Line: Application for Endeavour Vice-President, Volunteer Experience – First Name Last Name