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Volunteer Impact – a key “KPI”* for non-profits November 14th, 2014

Written by Banu Raghuraman (@banudesigns)

The opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official views of Endeavour.

Software Advice (@SoftwareAdvice) released their latest market research findings with the infographic on volunteer impact. It is hardly a secret that non-profit industry’s lifeline is the dedication and passion of our volunteers. As such, this report strives to obtain the importance of measuring volunteer impact.

The report shows that 63% of non-profits do not measure volunteer impact, citing lack of resources, however, 19% of those who engaged in measuring this impact and making relevant program adjustments, saw a marked improvement in their volunteer recruitment and retention.

In short, systematically measuring volunteer impact and using this to implement changes to the programs, will benefit both the non-profits and their clients.

Click here to read the detailed report.

*KPI – Key Perfomance Indicator

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