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The benefits of skills-based volunteering… March 2nd, 2014

Written by Banu Raghuraman and Paul Bakkar

Thinking about volunteering with Endeavour? Here is an opportunity to hear straight from the source on what our past volunteers had to say about their experience with Endeavour. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we asked volunteers about the benefits, skills and experiences they gained during their volunteer time. The survey was carried out between November 21st and December 7th of 2013*. Here are some results:

We received a net promoter score of 46, indicating that a very large portion of our past volunteers are extremely happy with their Endeavour experience and are actively recommending Endeavour to others.

Volunteering on one of Endeavour’s consulting teams allows people to help their communities while applying their professional skills. Such skills-based volunteering has many benefits above typically volunteering.
Here are some of the highlights from what our past volunteers said they got out of their Endeavour experience:

  • Knowledge of the nonprofit sector (85% agreed/strongly agreed)
  • Knowledge of consulting practices (78% agreed/strongly agreed)
  • Increased network of professional contacts (70% agreed/strongly agreed)
  • Skills applicable to their career (69% agreed/strongly agreed)




Of the volunteers in leadership roles, such as associate consultant, senior consultant and engagement manager, 62% said that Endeavour gave them new leadership opportunities.

And last, but not least, the majority of volunteers said that their Endeavour experience led to a slight (32%), moderate (40%), or large (13%) increase in their professional skills, with over half of the volunteers reporting improvements in teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking.

With such an encouraging report card, we plan to continue to strengthen non-profits through skills-based volunteering, and hope that you to join us by volunteering your skills.

To learn about volunteer opportunities, click here.

*Overall, a third of past volunteers from Rounds 1 to 11 responded, with close to 60% of volunteers from Round 8 to 11 responding.

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