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Supporting the change that needs to take place June 9th, 2020

We are saddened by the most recent acts of anti-Black racism across the United States and Canada. These events have also taken place at a time when the structural inequities faced by racialized groups have been amplified by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. 

 At Endeavour, our job is to support the growth and sustainability of nonprofit organizations that contribute to building healthy and equitable communities.  We also understand the critical value of diversity among our staff, volunteers and the organizations that we support. Still, we know we need to ask ourselves, “What more can we do to support the change that needs to take place?”

 As we prepare for future pro bono consulting projects, we will more assertively reach out to, and work with, nonprofits that: have Black leadership, support Black communities, and are addressing anti-Black racism and inequalities in the GTA. We will also be seeking advice from key stakeholders and those in the nonprofit community on how we can best accomplish this.

The diversity of our volunteer base is our strength and is reflected in the unique perspectives that our volunteer consultants bring to each project. We encourage Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) professionals to apply to become pro bono consultants or executives with Endeavour.  These experiences provide opportunities to influence change by working directly with community organizations, while developing skills for leadership and broadening professional networks that are key for career advancement. 

As an organization, we will also be continuing to do the work to listen, learn, and embed inclusive practices and experiences within the Endeavour community and encourage others to do the same. If you’re interested in getting support for your nonprofit organization or becoming a volunteer through Endeavour, reach out to anyone on our executive team and let’s get started.

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