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Profiling the Diversity and Talent of Endeavour Volunteers December 14th, 2010

Author: Lucy Dai, Director of Business Intelligence, Endeavour

Endeavour welcomed its seventh round of volunteers in September. In this round, there are 35 volunteers serving on five consulting engagements. Out of the 35 volunteers, nine volunteers are returning engagement managers and consultants from prior rounds.

Since Round 1 in Fall 2007, Endeavour has had 201 consultants and engagement managers (including returning volunteers) work with 36 non-profit clients. These volunteers were selected from more than 600 applications, representing an acceptance rate of 33%.

Endeavour’s volunteers have enriched the Endeavour community with their educational and professional backgrounds. Academically, approximately 40% of volunteers have either completed or are pursuing a Masters degree, in areas ranging from business and humanities/arts to the sciences. Professionally, our volunteers work in various industries, most notably in fields of finance, accounting, telecommunications, and government. Around half of these volunteer have less than five years of work experiences.

What these statistics do not capture are the dozens of project advisors who volunteer their time and expertise to guide the consulting teams in their engagements, and the Endeavour executives and committee members who recruit, manage and follow-up on each engagement.

Fun Facts

1. Did you know that 9% (3 out of 35) volunteers in Round 7 have either completed and/or are in progress of completing their CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) designation?

2. Did you know that 29% of Endeavour volunteers to date have attended post secondary institutions outside of Canada?

We invite you to learn more about our volunteers:

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