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Non-profit Employment Across Life Stages Part II November 2nd, 2012

Career Changers

Written by Banu Raghuraman

The opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official views of Endeavour.

The idea of a second career or a career change is not new, as people yearn to try something different and learn something new. However, switching between sectors, especially the move from for-profit to non-profit at the leadership level can be daunting. For example, for-profit sectors employees tend to have measurable quotas and defined peaks of success, while the success of non-profit employee initiatives tend to be a lot more behavioural and difficult to measure. Yet, this article speaks to how well-meaning business people moving into leadership roles in non-profits end up frustrated and ineffective because they don’t fully appreciate the challenges. Appreciating these differences in the leadership challenge can position business leaders to be more successful in four key roles– that of board member, funder, partner, and non-profit executive.

Considering a career switch into the non-profit sector? A role at Endeavour can be the bridge you need! Roles such as Engagement Manager or Consultant may fit your skill set and be the experience you need to confidently enter the non-profit workforce. Please read our testimonials for a better understanding of the skills gained after volunteering with Endeavour:

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