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Microblog, Part 3 of 6: “It felt good that we are not alone in facing some difficult challenges.” May 21st, 2014

Written and compiled by Banu Raghuraman

Our third featured attendee is from Germany – Claudia Leißner, representing Proboneo. To see our previous post in this series, click here.

1. What impact will the 2014 Global Pro Bono Summit have on pro bono in Germany?

I can name a few… One, I built better relations with Till Kästner from LinkedIn, with whom we will be able to work together on a pro bono marketplace opportunity in Germany. Secondly, the time away from day-to-day business and all the brilliant people around me allowed me to learn about strategic decision making to boost our pro bono business in the future.

2. How have you changed personally after this Summit?

I became friends with many like-minded people, and it felt good that we are not alone in facing some difficult challenges. Much can happen in even one year. And best of all, I took some of the San Francisco sunshine home to Germany.

3. Summit was conducted alongside the BMW foundation transatlantic forum, how was the experience this year compared to the last?

This year we had the chance to directly talk to business professionals and thought leaders in their specific fields which was very enriching.

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