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Home on the Hill’s Renewed Path to Growth February 14th, 2021

Home on the Hill’s Renewed Path to Growth

Organization: Home on the Hill

What they do: Home on the Hill was founded by the families of people with severe and persistent mental illness who lack access to formal mental health and care support services. Specifically, Home on the Hill focuses on supportive housing, recreational activities, and educational lecture series.

The challenge: When Home on the Hill approached Endeavour they knew they wanted to steer towards growth and sustainability but were lacking the data and analysis to make informed decisions about what strategies to invest in and how to scale.

The approach: To plan for long-term viability, Home on the Hill needed clarity on its’ organizational strengths, weaknesses and program demands and outcomes. Endeavour consultants set out to collect feedback and data from the Home on the Hill community about programming effectiveness. 

The research and insights found that Home on the Hill was strongest in providing family support services, recreation and art activities, and the community particularly found value in the organization’s lecture series. This lay the foundation for the consulting team to begin synthesizing a renewed strategic plan and key performance indicators focused on building out and leveraging these proven areas of success.

The outcomes: Going forward, Home on the Hill needs can use the new strategic framework to help guide decisions that are focused on its core strengths.

For example, at Endeavour’s recommendation, Home on the Hill increased their Lecture series to 4 times a year. The series attracted renowned psychiatrists’ and led to new strategic partnerships and connections with organizations in the community including Markham Stouffville Hospital and the Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill/Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Centre.   

Along with the renewed strategic plan and KPI’s the consulting team developed a dynamic tracking system that could measure progress but remain flexible to adjusting course as needed. The creation of a tracking plan increased organizational output, but moving forward it will also provide consistent valuable data and information about Home on The Hill’s social impact that can be leveraged as a case for support and in funding applications. 

Further, driving the organization’s key initiatives forward will involve re-envisioning the role of the board members and getting more detailed and specific. Thus, the consulting team proposed redefined roles for each board member, ensuring that each initiative has a clear and accountable figurehead. 

Client response:

 Board of Directors Chairperson, Kathy Mochnacki, notes: 

“Endeavour understood – and highlighted – the fact that Home on the Hill needs a long-term goal and a long-term vision”


Home on the Hill is a nonprofit in the Greater Toronto Region and a former client of Endeavour Consulting for Nonprofits. Read more about Endeavour’s probono services at:

Written by Christian Hall

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