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Get to Know Endeavour’s President: Catching up with Andrea Wong December 14th, 2012

Written by Banu Raghuraman

image01The opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official views of Endeavour.

As the founding president of Endeavour, Andrea Wong has been with the non-profit since its inception. In this interview, she discusses her involvement and experience building Endeavour.  Learn how Endeavour came to be in this interview.

How did you come up with the idea for Endeavour?

When I was at the University of Toronto, I volunteered for a group called “Volunteer Consulting Group” (VCG). VCG provided opportunities for current University of Toronto students to be involved in pro-bono consulting. After I graduated, I wanted to do something similar to meet other like-minded people, develop my skills and contribute to the community, but realised there was nothing like that available. That’s how Endeavour came about.

Why the name “Endeavour”?

When we started off, we came up with various options as part of a brainstorming exercise and then voted on our favourites. “Endeavour” received the most number of votes.

What made you change your career path from the profit sector to the non-profit sector?

I did my undergrad degree in Commerce  and started off working for a bank. This was around the same time that Endeavour was starting up. As we worked towards building Endeavour, I realized I wanted to do something more meaningful as a full time career. I started looking around for opportunities and an opening at a nonprofit in the healthcare sector came about. So a big factor that influenced the change was my experience with Endeavour.

What attracted you to non-profit sector?

I’m currently working in the United Way’s community investment area. Essentially, after the United Way receives and raises funds, my group works towards distributing the funds to other charities, who have applied for funding. I like this area as it is very similar to the work that Endeavour does – working with volunteers and helping to build the capacity of non-profits.

To learn more about Andrea, check out her profile on the Executive Team page.

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