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Endeavour’s Second Annual Report Shows Growth in Volunteer Consulting March 9th, 2011


March 1, 2011

Toronto, Ontario – Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits (Endeavour) released its second annual report today. Endeavour is a non-profit organization that provides management consulting for non-profit groups that cannot afford professional consulting.

The annual report is themed “momentum” to reflect Endeavour’s building momentum for creating positive change in the community. “We are motivated by the growing interest and support we receive, and by the many opportunities to expand Endeavour’s impact. In 2009/2010, we received more than 40 applications from non-profit organizations seeking our help, and more than 200 applications from professionals and students wanting to volunteer with us” said Andrea Wong, Co-Founder and President of Endeavour.

As outlined in the annual report, since its inception in 2007, Endeavour has:

  • Provided the equivalent of $1,800,000 in consulting to non-profit organizations
  • Completed 32 consulting projects with non-profits, helping organizations in areas such as the arts, children and family services, disabilities, education, environment, healthcare, immigrant services, rural development, poverty relief and youth development
  • Advised non-profit executives and board members on strategic projects in a number of management areas
  • Recruited more than 200 professional and student volunteers
  • Offered more than 30 educational and training sessions to more than 500 volunteers and community members

“The Endeavour volunteers produced an incredibly professional and thorough strategic plan that we have already put in place. Their recommendations were smart and very clear, enabling us to implement them easily and with great success. We greatly appreciate the quality of the work that the volunteers did on our behalf and we are so excited about working with them again” said Helen Harakas, Executive Director of Windfall, one of Endeavour’s clients featured in the annual report.

Endeavour engages both university students and experienced business professionals by matching their skills to the needs of the non-profit organization, and draws expertise from top business schools and consulting firms, such as the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, Schulich School of Business, Ted Rogers School of Management, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Accenture. Endeavour has been contacted by professionals and faculty from business schools, corporations and non-profit organizations from across Canada, the U.S. and overseas who want to learn more about Endeavour’s successful model.

Barry Linetsky, a partner at a strategic planning firm who volunteers with Endeavour as a subject matter expert, said “Endeavour has done a great job in building a dynamic, creative and exciting vehicle to provide educational and skill development opportunities for volunteers, while focusing their efforts on assisting the not-for-profit sector in Toronto with a level of determination and professionalism that has earned my respect.”

Currently, Endeavour receives more project applications from non-profit organizations than it can manage. “In the coming few years, Endeavour’s goal is to create a solid foundation for sustainability and build organizational resiliency so we can help many more non-profit organizations.” said Ada Tsang, Co-Founder and Board Chair of Endeavour.

Please download the annual report at:

To learn more about Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits (Endeavour), please visit

For more information please contact:
Andrea Wong, President
Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits

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