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Corporate Concepts in Non-profit – part 2 May 30th, 2014

Written and compiled by Banu Raghuraman

The opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official views of Endeavour.

Jason Shim

We bring you part 2 of the interview with Jason Shim. Click here for part 1.

What are some of the trending topics in the corporate sector that can be implemented in NFP?

Data and analytics have been a growing trend in the corporate sector, and while many larger non-profits have adopted this trend, I think that this is something that would be valuable for all organizations. Whether it be tracking web analytics, online donations, segmentation of your email lists, or general interaction with your supporters, more and more tools are emerging that are helping small and medium businesses, as well as non-profits process all the data that may be available to them.

Are there any concepts that are hard to implement in the corporate sector, but will be more successful in the NFP area?

I think that the concept of being mission-driven is referenced in many organizations. However, in the corporate sector, this also has to align with shareholder interests, which often prioritizes profitability. In a not-for-profit, the mission is central to its very existence as it is a critical element in many situations, whether it be applying for funding, recruiting volunteers, or in marketing efforts. Over the long-term, whatever sector you are in, staying focused on the mission is beneficial.

Previously, I had stated the challenges with investing in innovation, but at the same time, I have also seen some amazing instances in which scarcity has bred innovation. NFPs often have to be very creative with making things happen with limited resources (or sometimes none at all). Again, this is not strictly limited to the NFP area, but I think it’s more commonly accepted as part of life in the non-profit sector, especially in smaller charities.

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