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Pro Bono Leadership

Endeavour is a recognized Canadian leader in the pro bono and skills-based volunteering field and a pioneering voice at the forefront of the pro bono movement in Canada.

Endeavour is a champion for pro bono and skills-based volunteering and an active participant in networks, initiatives and campaigns that advance pro bono and skills-based volunteering in our local community, across Canada, and globally.


Canadian Pro Bono Network

Endeavour is part of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation initiative to develop a Canadian Pro Bono Ecosystem. A small group of community and corporate leaders met in 2016 and 2017 on Wasan Island in the heart of the Muskoka Lakes to work on the development of a Canadian pro bono ecosystem and marketplace. The resulting initiative aims to foster a collaborative network of corporations and non-profits who work together for increased social impact.

Learn more: Building a Canadian pro bono marketplace like Airbnb: Reflections from the Wasan Island Retreat


Global Pro Bono Network

Global Pro Bono NetworkEndeavour was the first Canadian pro bono intermediary to join the Global Pro Bono Network and represent Canada in the inaugural Global Pro Bono Summit in 2013. The Global Pro Bono Network,created by the BMW Foundation and Taproot Foundation, is composed of member organizations from around the world  with the aim of developing the pro bono service field. The annual Global Pro Bono Summit brings together corporate and non-profit leaders with a shared vision of making the talents and skills of the business community accessible to organizations serving the collective good.

Learn more:


Pro Bono Week

Since 2013, Endeavour has celebrated Pro Bono Week to build awareness, support and engagement for pro bono in Canada. Pro Bono Week is a global celebration that takes place during the last week of October, to laud the pro bono ethic across all professions that use their talents to make a positive difference in local communities around the world.

Learn more: Endeavour celebrates 2013 Pro Bono Week in Canada from October 20 to 26