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A First-timer’s First Impressions February 14th, 2010

The opinions/views expressed by the author is theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or position of Endeavour.

Author: Genevieve Sovereign, Endeavour Consultant

With my first project with Endeavour almost complete, I wanted to reflect a little on the accomplishments and lessons learned from my experience over the past several months.

As a novice with volunteering, I was very excited to join Endeavour last year, and that has not changed at all. More than ever I believe that this group serves an important role in helping the non-profit sector grow and operate in a very competitive market.

In terms of personal value, where do I start? I have been able to build upon so many useful skills, learn about the management consulting field, as well as the non-profit sector, and interact with many different people of varying backgrounds and interests. To list all the benefits I have gained through this experience would take more space than I have here. But here are a few…

Developed my communication skills? Absolutely. Got a taste for project management work? Definitely. Connected with professionals across multiple sectors and specializations? Without a doubt. But more than all that, I have had the opportunity to see that the work my team has done will actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And it will make a difference that is valued not only by the client organization, but also by those who will benefit in the future, as the client’s organization growsand prospers, long after their engagement with Endeavour has concluded.

Would I do it again? No question, and I certainly hope to have that opportunity.


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